• Stainless Steel – Flat Ends
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Catalog No. Description Pack
SPSS-4 Overall Length – 4″ 1/Pk
SPSS-6 Overall Length – 6″ 1/Pk
SPSS-8 Overall Length – 8″ 1/Pk

Spatula with Wooden Handles — Flexible stainless steel blade with round end

Catalog No. Description Pack
SPSW-3 Polished Wood Handle – 3″ Blade 1/Pk
SPSW-4 Polished Wood Handle – 4″ Blade 1/Pk
SPSW-5 Polished Wood Handle – 5″ Blade 1/Pk
SPSW-6 Polished Wood Handle – 6″ Blade 1/Pk
SPSW-8 Wood Handle – 8″ Blade 1/Pk

Stainless Steel Spatula — One end flat and One end spoon

Catalog No. Description Pack
SPFS-4 Overall Length – 4″ 1/Pk
SPFS-6 Overall Length – 6″ 1/Pk
SPFS-8 Overall Length – 8″ 1/Pk

Stainless Steel Spatula — Miscellanous styles and sizes

Catalog No. Description Pack
SPFB-4 One End Flat/One End Bent – 4″ 1/Pk
SPFB-6 One End Flat/One End Bent – 6″ 1/Pk
SPFB-8 One End Flat/One End Bent – 8″ 1/Pk
SP2F-5 Both Ends Flat – 5″ 1/Pk
SPFT-6 One End Flat/One End Tapered – 6″ 1/Pk


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