Screw Caps for Micro-Centrifuge Tubes


  • Manufactured from virgin polypropylene resin.
  • Screw cap fitted with a nitrile O-Ring to prevent leakage and enhance chemical resistance. One turn provides a tight seal.
  • Fully Autoclavable.


Screw Caps Without O-Ring

Catalog No. Color Pack
9204-15N Natural 1000/Bag
9204-15A Amber 1000/Bag
9204-15AS Assorted 1000/Bag
9204-15B Blue 1000/Bag
9204-15G Green 1000/Bag
9204-15L Lavendar 1000/Bag
9204-15O Orange 1000/Bag
9204-15R Red 1000/Bag
9204-15W White 1000/Bag
9204-15Y Yellow 1000/Bag

Screw Caps With O-Ring

Catalog No. Color Pack
9204-15NO Natural 1000/Bag
9204-15AO Amber 1000/Bag
9204-15ASO Assorted 1000/Bag
9204-15BO Blue 1000/Bag
9204-15GO Green 1000/Bag
9204-15LO Lavendar 1000/Bag
9204-15OO Orange 1000/Bag
9204-15RO Red 1000/Bag
9204-15WO White 1000/Bag
9204-15YO Yellow 1000/Bag


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