Precision Pipette Controller


  • Adjustable pipette volume.
  • High precision motor control.
  • Multiple modes of pipetting.


Product Options:

Catalog No. Volume Range Increment (ul) Accuracy (+%) C.V. (<%)
10-PPC 1-10 ml 100 0.5 0.25


  • Compact lightweight design that reduces operation space.
  • Simple push button volume adjustment.
  • Four modes of pipetting:  Free mode; Manual mode; Liquid distribution; Mixed blowing mode.
  • Adjustable pipette nozzle.
  • Controller can be inclined at any angle without affecting accuracy.
  • Battery charger included.


  • Adjustable nozzle with capability to rotate 360 degrees.
  • Motor control prevents liquids from entering into the instrument.
  • Can accurately perform imbibition and drainage in any position.
  • Uses Industry Standard 10 ml pipettes.

Design Features:


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