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Pipette Stand – Vertical

  • Manufactured from polypropylene with a heavy 9″ diameter base and a threaded 15″ long square rod that screws into the base.
  • The top disc that attaches to the rod has holes for holding pipettes.
  • The lower disc has pilot holes for inserting the pipettes and allows liquids to drain down to the base.
  • The discs are adjustable to accomodate different length pipettes.
  • Alignment arrows are inscribed on the discs to facilitate centering the holes.
Catalog No. Description Pack
PSV-28 Vertical Pipette Stand holds 28 Pipettes 1/Pk

Pipette Stand – Rotary

  • Manufactured from polypropylene and designed to rotate around a 19″ central vertical axis for easy pipette selection.
  • The top disc has a grid pattern that is concentric with the bottom disc to hold the pipettes in a vertical position.
  • The lower rotating disc is 9″ in diameter and has four concentric rings for inserting the pipette tips to allow liquids to drain.
  • Liquids draining from the pipettes are retained on top of the stationary base by an outer ring.
  • The pipette stand can be easily assembled and disassembled.
Catalog No. Description Pack
PSR-28 Rotary Pipette Stand holds 94 Pipettes 1/Pk


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