• Borosilicate Glass Cylinders with pour spout.
  • Available with Hexagonal Glass or detachable  Plastic base.
  • Glass Cylinders with Plastic base include bumper guards.
  • Easy-to-read scales.
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Cylinders with All-Glass Hex Base

Catalog No. Capacity Graduations @ Pack
CAG-5GHB 5ml 0.1ml 10
CAG-10GHB 10ml 0.2ml 10
CAG-25GHB 25ml 0.5ml 20
CAG-50GHB 50ml 1ml 20
CAG-100GHB 100ml 1ml 20
CAG-250GHB 250ml 2ml 20
CAG-500GHB 500ml 5ml 10
CAG-1000GHB 1000ml 10ml 10
CAG-2000GHB 2000ml 20ml 4

Cylinders with Plastic Hex Base & Bumper Guard

Catalog No. Capacity Graduations @ Pack
CAG-5PHB 5ml 0.1ml 10
CAG-10PHB 10ml 0.2ml 10
CAG-25PHB 25ml 0.5ml 10
CAG-50PHB 50ml 1ml 10
CAG-100PHB 100ml 1ml 10
CAG-250PHB 250ml 2ml 10


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