Crucibles – Nickel, Porcelain, Steel


  • Nickel – Unibody construction. Polished. Temperatures up to 600 C.  Lids included.
  • Porcelain – Designed for temperatures up to 1150 C. Glazed. Lids are included.
  • Stainless Steel – Unibody construction. Polished. Temperature range -180 to 800 C. Lids included.
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Catalog No. Capacity Height Top O.D. Pack
CN-15 15ml 29mm 32mm 1/PK
CN-25 25ml 39mm 36mm 1/PK
CN-50 50ml 47mm 45mm 1/PK
CN-100 100ml 56mm 57mm 1/PK


Catalog No. Capacity Height Top O.D. Pack
CP-10 10ml 20mm 32mm 6/PK
CP-20 20ml 26mm 41mm 6/PK
CP-30 30ml 31mm 50mm 6/PK
CP-50 50ml 37mm 61mm 6/PK
CP-100 100ml 46mm 76mm 6/PK
CP-250 250ml 60mm 102mm 6/PK

Stainless Steel:

Catalog No. Capacity Height Top O.D. Pack
CSS-15 15ml 34mm 32mm 1/PK
CSS-20 20ml 34mm 33mm 1/PK
CSS-25 25ml 34mm 36mm 1/PK
CSS-30 30ml 38mm 39mm 1/PK
CSS-50 50ml 48mm 46mm 1/PK
CSS-100 100ml 55mm 57mm 1/PK

Crucible Tongs:

  • Tongs are made with riveted joints and serrated tips. 9″ overall length.
  • Available in Brass, Plated Steel, or Stainless Steel.
Catalog No. Description Pack
CTB-1 Brass 1/Pk
CTPS-3 Plated Steel 1/Pk
CTSS-4 Stainless Steel 1/Pk


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